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What is a Kopykake Projector, how do you use it, and where do you buy it?
A Kopykake projects an image downwards, sideways etc. so that cakes, cookies or any item can be easily traced onto. It is unique in that the light isn’t underneath the baked goods, but hangs above so as not to melt the icing etc. Click here for more information.


If I can’t buy the projector, are there other options for decorating more difficult designs without it?
Yes, there are other options. I now use a Pico projector. See this post for some information. Also check out the Kopykake How-To and more info. by clicking here for other options. Scroll down to close to the bottom of the tutorial for your answers.


What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Am still learning lots about photography, but having a decent camera does help.


How do you figure out the best icing consistency for decorating?
Here is a video which demonstrates an easy way of finding a good royal icing consistency for cookie decorating.


My cookies spread during baking. How can I avoid the spreading?
Here is a post which shares the Top 10 Tips on Preventing Cookies from Spreading.


How long do you dry your cookies for? How long do you dry your cookies for in between decorating stages?
There are a few factors to consider when drying your decorated cookies, such as humidity, and the details on your cookies. Watch a video here on how to dry cookies decorated with royal icing.


Why do my cookies go soft after I’ve decorated them and they should be drying?
There are a few factors to consider when drying your decorated cookies, especially humidity. Watch a video here on how to dry cookies decorated with royal icing.


How long does it take to make and decorate cookies?
Depending on whether or not you’d like to make to make them in a shorter time frame, or longer time frame, here are two, free, printable Cookie Decorating Schedules.


What is the shelf life of decorated cookies?/ How long do decorated cookies stay fresh? /How many days ahead can I make my decorated cookies?
Click here to find information on the shelf life of decorated cookies.


Sometimes little craters form when my icing is drying, especially in smaller decorated areas. How do I avoid that?
It’s a frustrating issue! Find more information on it in this post here.


Little spots formed on my cookies when they were drying – why did that happen and how do I prevent it from happening again?
The dreaded spots! Read a post here on how to avoid them.


How do you outline and fill in cookies?
Watch a how-to video on outlining and flooding cookies here.


Do you use the same icing to outline and fill in cookies?
Yes, I do. There are many different ways to decorate cookies. Using the same icing for outlining and filling in generally works for me, as it saves time in preparing two icing consistencies for each icing colour. Watch a how-to video on how I outline and flood cookies here.


What is flooding a cookie? How do you do it?
Watch a how-to video on how I outline and flood cookies here.


Help! My icing colors keep bleeding into each other! How do I stop that from happening again?
Find information on preventing your icing from bleeding here.


What recipe do you use for your cookie base?
You can find my favorite recipes in the recipe tab at the top of this web site. Here’s a link for you as well.


What royal icing recipe do you use?
For decorated cookies, I use this icing, for gingerbread houses, this one.


How do you marble or swirl the icing colors together?
Watch a video on swirling royal icing by clicking here.


How do you store royal icing? How long can you keep it?
That’s easy! Click here to find out.


Do you have a good icing for gingerbread houses?
For gingerbread houses, I use this recipe.


How do you freeze your decorated cookies? How about undecorated ones?
You can find information on freezing decorated or undecorated cookies in this post and in the comment section below it.


I’m having trouble piping lines. Do you have any tips?
Watch a video on how to pipe royal icing lines here.


Why do I get little dots or small blobs of icing at beginning of my piped lines?
Watch a video on how to pipe royal icing lines here.


My piping tips keep clogging, what can I do?
An issue especially present with small piping tips. Here are some solutions for you.


How do you color your icing black?
Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy. Click here for a how-to.


How do you color your icing red?
Essentially, the same way you colour all darker icings, Click here for a how-to and just use red food gel coloring.


What is disco dust and how do you use it?
Click here to find out all you need to know about disco dust.


Where do you buy your disco dust?
Click here to find out all you need to know about disco dust and here for one place to buy it online.


How do you make royal icing decorations?
Click here for a tutorial.


I can’t find meringue powder. Do you have a royal icing recipe I could use without meringue powder please?
Yes, you need to make royal icing with egg whites. Here is a recipe.


How do you make edible ink cookies?
Find a step-by-step tutorial on putting edible images on your cookies here.


How do you ship decorated cookies?
After all the love you put into making your cookies, you want to make sure they arrive to your recipient intact! Find a how-to on shipping over here.


How do you make cookie pops?
Watch a video on making cookie pops on my YouTube channel here.


What should I buy to decorate cookies? What do I need to buy to decorate cookies? What are your favorite decorating tools?
Find a video on my favorite cookie decorating tools by clicking here.


Do you use the squeeze bottles to decorate your cookies?
For some reason, I find filling the decorating bottles harder than filling a piping bag, so would rather use a piping bag. You can find a video on all my favorite cookie decorating tools by clicking here.


How do you get your icing to look so shiny?
Check out the bottom half of this post for an experiment on shiny royal icing. Besides the information here, some cookie decorators have shared that some people like to use a gentle fan on the cookies while the icing is drying. Apparently that helps with the shine, although when I’ve seen cookies which have dried under a fan, I don’t see the difference than ones which have dried without the fan.


I’m new to cookie decorating, do you have any tutorials you would recommend first.
Besides watching videos on my YouTube channel here, a good place to begin might be my Cookie Decorating Tutorial, my Top 10 Tips, some Key Mistakes to Avoid, and How to Flood with Royal Icing. Scrolling through this tutorial section to see what you need help with would be a good place to start, too.


Where do you find your inspiration?
I love that question! I see the world in cookies! 😉 The beginning of this post explains it more…


How do you stencil on cookies?
Such a fun and easy way of decorating cookies! Watch a stencilling video how-to here.


Where can I order your cookies?
I don’t do cookie orders, as I work full-time as a culinary arts teacher, and don’t have the time. There are some very talented cookie decorators which you can find here on Sweetopia’s Decorator Directory, who do sell their cookies.


How can I get on your cookie directory?
The registration information is here.


What is icing sugar? Is it the same as powdered sugar or confectioner’s sugar?
Yes, they’re different names for the same thing.


How do I enter the Sweet of the Month Contest?
There is a certain time period that submissions are open. Please to find out when submissions are open. You can find more information on the Sweet of the Month Contest here.


What does royal icing transfer mean?
You can find that definition, with tutorial links, in my sugar-crafter’s Glossary, by clicking here.

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