Sweet of the Month

Sweet of the Month is a friendly monthly contest here on Sweetopia, where your sweet submissions are voted upon by the internet public. The winner is simply the one with the most votes at the end of the month.

Winners will be announced on facebooktwitter, pinterest, posted in the Sweet Gallery, and be showcased the following month. At the moment, Sweet of the Month contest is on hiatus.

Sweet of the Month badges

Winners – click on a badge below to find the code for your site:


How to Submit

At the moment, Sweet of the Month contest is on hiatus. You can now upload your photo to Sweetopia on your own! On the submission form, click on Enter the Contest and Submit a Sweet. Fill in your email, and click Choose File to upload your photo. Photo files need to be reduced before uploading, ideally less than 1 MB. (Please see the FAQ if you need help with making photos smaller). Add your name, title and description and press Submit a Sweet. 24 sweets which are submitted during the time frame open will be chosen to run that month. If you don’t get your photo in one month, you can always try the next!

After you enter it may say, “No Photos Uploaded”. Don’t worry, photos have been uploaded. It’s just that because the photos aren’t ‘live’ the widget doesn’t recognize them and says there are none.

Sweet Submissions

*The photo must be your own photo, of your own sweet

*It must link to a site where you have posted it (exact/specific url please) .

*One photo per month please

*The photo should be smaller than 1 Mb

Frequently Asked Questions

How do photos get chosen?
In order to give all submissions a fair chance, several factors go into selecting contestants for each month. Things like creativity, craftsmanship and photo quality (lighting, composition etc.) are taken into consideration. Sweets may also be chosen according to seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Afterwards, whether or not all required information was submitted. Photos are no longer banked to post at a later date. If your sweet doesn’t show up one month, you may submit again for the next month. Only 24 photos are picked each month, otherwise there would be hundreds of photos and voting would be nearly impossible.
Will you notify me when my photo is up?
I would like to be able to let you personally know that you photo is on Sweetopia, but time contstraints are an issue. Please check to see if your photo is up.
How are winners chosen?
The picture with the most votes will be the winner.
How are winners announced?
Winners will be announced on facebook, twitter, pinterest, posted in the Sweet Gallery, and be showcased the following month.
What does the winner receive?
Prizes may become a regular part of the contest, but for now the prize is usually the thrill of the win. 😉 We’ve created Badges for winning decorators, if you are one, select your favourite colour and post it on your website, blog or social network if you’d like to.
I won prior to the addition of badges, do I still get one?
Yes! Badges were created specifically for our winners to show off their accomplishment. There are only badges for first place winners and we ask you only use one if so please. Select your colour and paste the code onto your website blog or favour social network.
When do contests begin and how long do they run?
Submissions are usually open for one week, and then voting runs for one month. Please check in with the monthly Sweet of the Month post on Sweetopia to see when the current dates are.
Why isn’t my photo uploading?
Photo files should be reduced before uploading, ideally less than 1 MB. If your photo is too large it’s going to take a while to upload to the server, please be patient or reduce the file size.
How do I make my photos smaller?
If you are having trouble uploading a photo which is too large, try using services such as Picmonkey, a free photo-editing service, or copying them off websites like Flickr, Pinterest or Facebook rather than your digital camera.
Why does my photo have to be linked to a website/URL?
It must link to a site where you have posted it (exact/specific url please), such as Flickr, facebook or any other photo-sharing site, as long as it’s evident that photo is linked to you, as a way of showing that that work is yours and not another photo taken from elsewhere on the internet.


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