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Hi, I’m Marian, and if you haven’t already guessed, I have a thing for sweets. Especially the decorated cookie kind.

Welcome to the place where I like to share all things related to my sugar art passion, including how-to’s and recipes.

Besides spending time in nature, blogging here on Sweetopia makes me happy.  My website has become a labour of love; creating the confections, showing how I make them, and communicating with you, are all parts of a passion which is sweet in so many more ways than one.  I hope you enjoy your visit here!


Navigating Sweetopia:

New here?  There’s a tutorial index, a page dedicated to baking terms etc., an FAQ section, an RSS feed and a place to sign up to have new posts sent right to your inbox (top right).

Mainly interested in decorating cookies?  The Cookie Decorating Tutorial or Top 10 Tips post may be just for you.  Would you like more detail?  Check out the KopyKake Projector Tutorial or How to Marble Royal Icing post.  I’ve also shared my favorite sugar cookie recipe here.

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A little more about me…

People often ask how I make my cookies, cupcakes etc., so I decided to create a fun place here to share all my information. By no means am I an expert! There are so many people with much more talent and skill than myself, but I can share what I know, even if it’s a yummy recipe or which tools I use to make my sugar crafts.

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I love to read feedback and comments, so drop me a line any time. I may not add to my blog every day, as I try to keep my life balanced, but I do love to hear from you and will respond as soon as I can!

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