KitchenAid Oven Cookies Tutorial

Posted on May 26th, 2013 in Decorated Cookies, Tutorials

Right off the bat I’ll have to warn you that most of these pics have been taken with my cell phone… pardon the terrible lighting and poor quality! Making 120 oven cookies and 120 mixer cookies with a deadline to meet, didn’t leave me a lot of time for photographs.

I was excited to make these guys though! They were for KitchenAid Canada, who asked me to make them for FBC2013 - the first Canadian Food Blogging conference, and who will be providing the appliances for our new kitchen. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am about that! If you’re new to reading my blog, know that I only share products I love. Besides stand mixers, I’m also a fan of the KitchenAid large appliances. We’re renovating now, and will be putting new ones in, but my older KitchenAid ones are still working as well as ever, and we’ll be passing them on to a young family member buying their first home.

The stove or oven cookies I made here are a retro, whimsical design, which I thought would be best for a decorated cookie. Lots of black icing can have a bitter taste to it, so I chose this design instead. If you’d like to make oven cookies too, here’s a little how to:


How to Make Oven Cookies

A few quick notes first:

  • Once I had chosen the design, my husband made a cookie cutter, as hand cutting 120 of them would be too time-consuming. Another post coming soon, dedicated to how to make a cookie cutter. If you’re only making a small amount of cookies, cutting out a template using card stock or a transparency works.
  • We used this decorating schedule, but with both of us working (other) full time jobs and the amount of cookies made, there were a lot of late nights, including one night where we stayed up until 7:30 the next morning! (That was Sunday, thank goodness!). Hubby helped by making royal icing and with a few other decorating details I’ll share later. Mom even arrived at noon that day to help bag the cookies and tie ribbon. (Thanks Mom!).

What You’ll Need:



Step One: Make your gingerbread dough.

Step Two: Once you have cut out your gingerbread cookies, make sure you chill them for at least a few hours before you bake them. I’ve mentioned it in the gingerbread cookie recipe, but thought it was worth pointing out again. These tips on preventing your dough from spreading will also help if you’re new to baking cookies for decorating.

Step Three: Make and adjust the icing consistency. For a video on how to find consistency, click here. Tint your icing using gel paste colouring.

Step Four: Time to flood the cookies! The basics on how to outline and flood with royal icing can be found here. Using piping tip #3, outline the oven perimeter with black icing. Outline the oven window with blue icing. I used a Kopykake projector to help me pipe the lines quickly. Let those dry for a few hours at least, especially because the icing colors are darker, and especially if you’re decorating in a humid environment. See here for a video on drying royal icing.

Step Five: Fill or flood the white section of the stove using a #4 piping tip, and icing that is runnier than my usual 10 second rule (4-5 seconds). Note that I could never have done this project without the help of my baking rack. Perfect spot to store cookies and let them dry between decorating stages. And of course, my husband! He was the royal icing making machine… took lots of white royal icing to flood these guys.

Step Six: Once the white has dried for at least a few hours, flood the “glass” oven door, using a #2 piping tip.

Step Seven: Using a #2 piping tip, pipe the black lines down the sides and front of the oven. 

Step Eight: Using a small round cookie cutter, make 4 circles of fondant per oven and using a #10 piping tip, 2 tiny circles of fondant per oven. Gently adhere to your cookie with small dabs of royal icing. (In total, Mr. Sweetopia rolled and cut out 720 fondant circles).

Step Nine: Using a #1 tip, pipe small dots of light grey icing onto the top right knobs, and directly below a small dot of red and yellow icing. Pipe two short lines of black on each larger, white knob.

Let the icing details dry for about an hour or so… Enough time so that they’re hard to the touch so that if you handle them by accident, they won’t break.


Serve as is, or package in cellophane bags and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you’d like to make the mixer cookies, you can find the tutorial here.

If you have any questions, or just if you’d like, leave me a comment below, on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram. Thank you for reading me here, I appreciate each and every comment, and love to hear from you!



p.s. In case you’re wondering, I don’t normally do cookie orders, however, I have a directory of cookie decorators who do. Click here if you’d like to order cookies, and here if you’d like to be on the directory.

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