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{Video} Easy Ghost Cookies

{Video} Easy Ghost Cookies

15 Comments - October, 19, 2014

Happy Monday!¬†Preferring boo-tiful to spooky, today I’m sharing a video on how to making these easy ghost cookies. If you’re pressed for time but still want to make some cus… Read more

{Video} How to Decorate Kokeshi Doll Cookies

{Video} How to Decorate Kokeshi Doll C…

12 Comments - October, 12, 2014

At first glance these Kokeshi doll cookies may look difficult to make, but with a few tips they really are simple to ice. Time-wise they took a little longer than the average cookie I de… Read more

{Video} Royal Icing Stringwork & Spider Web Cookie Pops

{Video} Royal Icing Stringwork & Spide…

15 Comments - October, 08, 2014

I’ve always admired the beautiful art of royal icing stringwork and wanted to play around with it. Outside of trying the technique at the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Art… Read more

How to Store or Preserve Decorated Cookies as Keepsakes - Top 7 Tips

How to Store or Preserve Decorated Coo…

13 Comments - September, 30, 2014

For almost every batch of cookies I make, I save and dry out a few to keep as demonstration pieces for the occasions I teach decorating. You may want to hold on to a few cookies you̵… Read more

Lettered Cookies & Royal Icing Transfers

Lettered Cookies & Royal Icing Transfe…

21 Comments - September, 28, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend enjoying the fall (spring for some of you) sunshine! ¬†I definitely made sure to get out even for a short while each day to enjoy the fall colo… Read more


Woodland Decorated Cookies

Woodland Decorated Cookies

33 Comments | Posted September 21st 2014

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