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Lettered Cookies & Royal Icing Transfers

Lettered Cookies & Royal Icing Transfe…

17 Comments - September, 28, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend enjoying the fall (spring for some of you) sunshine!  I definitely made sure to get out even for a short while each day to enjoy the fall colo… Read more

Autumn Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

Autumn Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

14 Comments - September, 15, 2014

I have to say, these cupcakes have been a long time in coming – not that I haven’t made them – I just haven’t spent the time to make the decorations to go on top … Read more

Making Cake Pops with the Easy Roller

Making Cake Pops with the Easy Roller

28 Comments - August, 25, 2014

Hello and happy Monday! Today’s post is a little unusual in that I’m sharing a kind of sweet I haven’t often made, cake pops. I’m looking forward to making these … Read more

Baking and Kitchen Themed Decorated Cookies

Baking and Kitchen Themed Decorated Co…

17 Comments - August, 13, 2014

Sometimes the mere shape of a cookie cutter will make me want to go out and bake and decorate cookies… For no specific reason at all –  just the adorable shapes themselves b… Read more

Northern Lights Cookies

Northern Lights Cookies

13 Comments - December, 20, 2013

Thrilled to be enlisted by gorgeous clothing company Aritzia to make DIY Northern Lights Cookies, these were simple to create using an edible ink image printer. You can check out the art… Read more


Woodland Decorated Cookies

Woodland Decorated Cookies

33 Comments | Posted September 21st 2014

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