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Baking and Kitchen Themed Decorated Cookies

Baking and Kitchen Themed Decorated Co…

10 Comments - August, 13, 2014

Sometimes the mere shape of a cookie cutter will make me want to go out and bake and decorate cookies… For no specific reason at all – ┬ájust the adorable shapes themselves b… Read more

Northern Lights Cookies

Northern Lights Cookies

9 Comments - December, 20, 2013

Thrilled to be enlisted by gorgeous clothing company Aritzia to make DIY Northern Lights Cookies, these were simple to create using an edible ink image printer. You can check out the art… Read more

Winter Hat & Mitten Decorated Cookie How-To

Winter Hat & Mitten Decorated Cookie H…

35 Comments - December, 19, 2013

Whether or not you’re in an area which receives snow during the holiday season, making these hat and mitten decorated cookies will put you in a festive mood – and if you̵… Read more

Decorated Polar Bear Cookies

Decorated Polar Bear Cookies

32 Comments - December, 13, 2013

LIfe is surprising, don’t you find? If someone had asked my older brother (Thomas) and I as children, how we imagined ourselves in our 30′s, we would never have guessed that … Read more

How to Make a Gingerbread House

How to Make a Gingerbread House

64 Comments - December, 10, 2013

My first try at a gingerbread house led to a little bit of frustration, as the royal icing which came in the kit I was using, just wouldn’t hold the house walls or roof up. Fast fo… Read more


Weight Conversions for Common Baking Ingredients {Free Illustrated Printables}

Weight Conversions for Commo…

34 Comments | Posted June 9th 2013

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