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{Video} Nutcracker Decorated Cookies

{Video} Nutcracker Decorated Cookies

23 Comments - December, 15, 2014

Happy Monday! With Christmas around the corner, it seems that all my holiday dessert ideas may not be realized, but I’ve managed to fit in a few which I’ve been meaning to ma… Read more

Marbled Christmas Cookie Ornament How-To

Marbled Christmas Cookie Ornament How-…

20 Comments - December, 04, 2014

If you’ve tried cookies like these before you know how simple they are to make, and if you haven’t, you’re about to find out just how easy they are to create. It’s a decoratin… Read more

{Video} Stand Mixer Cookie Tutorial

{Video} Stand Mixer Cookie Tutorial

18 Comments - November, 29, 2014

Besides their obvious usefulness, there’s just something special about stand mixers, isn’t there? If buying one for yourself or a loved one isn’t in the budget this Chr… Read more

Advent Calendar Cookies

Advent Calendar Cookies

30 Comments - November, 22, 2014

Enamoured by small things ever since I was a little girl (Do you remember Charmkins and the books series The Littles?), I was excited to make these super sweet mini cookies to fit into m… Read more

How to Color Icing Red {& Decorated Christmas Cookies}

How to Color Icing Red {& Decorated Ch…

35 Comments - November, 09, 2014

While posting Christmas cookies here the beginning of November might be a tad bit really early, I hope you can forgive me. I fell in love with these stickers when I found them in Janu… Read more


Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas Treat Ideas

17 Comments | Posted December 21st 2014

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