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Summer Ocean Decorated Cookies

Summer Ocean Decorated Cookies

15 Comments - July, 30, 2015

Happy summer! Definitely my favorite season of the year and although I don’t live by the sea, I’ve always been enamoured by it – what majesty lies in and around it R… Read more

How to Thaw Frozen Undecorated Cut-Out Cookies

How to Thaw Frozen Undecorated Cut-Out…

16 Comments - July, 25, 2015

One of the many things I love about decorated cookies as a gifts or favours is that they work for any kind of theme, and always seems to go over well. They’re relatively inexpensiv… Read more

Covering Cookies with Fondant & Art Palette Decorated Cookie Tutorial

Covering Cookies with Fondant & Art Pa…

13 Comments - July, 15, 2015

  Although fondant isn’t what I normally cover cut-out cookies with (I love working with royal icing), when one of our art teachers at the school I work at, Maureen Egan, aske… Read more

Father's Day Toolbox Cookies {How-To and Toolbox Template}

Father's Day Toolbox Cookies {How-To a…

24 Comments - June, 13, 2015

Hello sweet friends! With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m ready to share a little toolbox project of the cookie sort with you. Thanks to my husband for designing the… Read more

Onesie & Elephant Baby Shower Cookies {How-To}

Onesie & Elephant Baby Shower Cookies …

18 Comments - June, 01, 2015

Hello, hello and happy Monday! Pastel sweetness and baked with love – these baby shower cookies are super simple to decorate with a few key tips. If you’ve seen other tutoria… Read more

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