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Father's Day Toolbox Cookies {How-To and Toolbox Template}

Father's Day Toolbox Cookies {How-To a…

24 Comments - June, 13, 2015

Hello sweet friends! With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m ready to share a little toolbox project of the cookie sort with you. Thanks to my husband for designing the… Read more

Onesie & Elephant Baby Shower Cookies {How-To}

Onesie & Elephant Baby Shower Cookies …

18 Comments - June, 01, 2015

Hello, hello and happy Monday! Pastel sweetness and baked with love – these baby shower cookies are super simple to decorate with a few key tips. If you’ve seen other tutoria… Read more

Lemon Cupcake Recipe + Bunny Cookie Pops

Lemon Cupcake Recipe + Bunny Cookie Po…

22 Comments - March, 31, 2015

Just in the nick of time for Easter, I’ve got a new recipe to share with you. Being pressed for time, this recipe is semi-homemade with a bit of a twist (details in the recipe belo… Read more

Mini Easter Cookie Pops

Mini Easter Cookie Pops

21 Comments - March, 28, 2015

Happy spring! Although my yard still looks white, these bright colored cookies certainly helped usher in a spring kind of feeling, and of course the cookie shapes were selected for upcom… Read more

Mini Valentine Gingerbread Houses

Mini Valentine Gingerbread Houses

15 Comments - January, 21, 2015

Hello sweet friends… Greeting you from the land of mini Valentine gingerbread houses. Perched snugly on the edge of a my favorite mugs, so simply decorated but inexplicably endeari… Read more


{Giveaway} Peggy Porschen’s Cookie Decorating Book – Cookies

{Giveaway} Peggy Porschen…

288 Comments | Posted June 3rd 2015

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