Tea Party Decorated Cookies

Posted on August 9th, 2011 in Decorated Cookies

Truth be told, when I was asked to make summer tea party cookies, I was a little stumped as to what designs I was going to make. Call it cookier’s-block or something. I was happy with the tea party cookies I made a few years ago, but didn’t want to make the same ones. After all, if was going to the effort to make cookies, I might as well try a different design.

One of the first things which comes to mind as a quintessential tea party symbol are the teacups and saucers themselves, along with delicate flowers adorning their sides. Like these ones, on my girlfriend’s cups and saucers, in this older cupcake post:

I know myself enough to know I’m not good at drawing, so the mere thought of painting tiny roses onto a cookie (with edible food gel of course), was enough to make me not want to make the cookies at all. Even the fact I really wanted to try and replicate the flowers on my tiny tea set from childhood, didn’t change my mind, as I guessed that even my trusted Kopykake projector would not be able to help me with making the absolute miniature roses I would need to make on a cookie.

On the other hand, I do like trying new cookie techniques, and would love to learn how to draw freehand on cookies some day (the cookie as the canvas… how sweet [pun intended] would that be!), but with some deadlines to meet, I wasn’t in the mood to try something really new. And, because interest in the cookies I make was shown by the lovely ladies at House & Home magazine, I wanted them to happy with them… And my experimenting with cookies doesn’t always work out. {Just ask my husband, he’ll tell you}.

So, the perfect solution for me involved the edible ink printer (I seem to be using it a lot lately!). Instead of a logo, this time I printed the rose pattern, which is, by the way, from Cath Kidston’s gorgeous wallpaper, and used it for the center of my white tea pots.

I confess, I probably should have spent a little more time making sure I cut the images out to the exact size of the cookie (you can see some of the edges of the frosting paper over the outline). The tea pot cookie is actually quite large; I wanted it to be in scale to the matching tea cup cookies. Let’s just say, this cookie is meant to be shared!

If you’d like to try making them, a full tutorial on applying edible ink images can be found here and here, however, here’s a quick pictorial on how I applied the edible ink image as well.


Prepare Your Cookies

After you’ve made your cookies, piped the outline and flooded your shape {click here if you’re new to cookie decorating} and let that dry, print your image on a frosting sheet, and you’re ready to apply the edible ink image.

Adding the Edible Ink Image

Step 1. Project and trace the desired image on regular paper. I used the Kopykake to project the image, but you can draw it freehand or just plain trace it, if the inspiration image is the same size as your cookie.

Step 2. Place your paper template on the frosting sheet. I centered mine over the flower pattern.

Step 3. Trace with an edible ink marker.

Step 4. Cut your image out, making sure you cut on the inside of the edible marker lines.

Step 5. Place it over your iced cookie, and trim as needed.

Step 6. Lightly coat your dried royal icing with clear corn syrup and gently a smooth the edible image onto the cookie.


I usually pipe some sort of a border so that the edges of the frosting sheets aren’t visible, but in this case, the look of the border didn’t really look right.

As for the rest of the cookies, like these ones…

I just made them the usual way, outlining and flooding, and to add a little something on the plain teapots, a little alphabet stenciling.

For the fan below, I used coconut on the top edge, white sugar pearls and edible gumpaste flowers on the handle.

The fans are {almost} completely and totally copied from one cookier I admire very much, Rosey Sugar {Yukiko}. I changed the designs of the fans a little bit, but the idea and overall design is most definitely from her. I’m in love with her whimsical & pretty style, really admire her royal icing work, and hope to be at her level some day! Here are some more cookies I’ve made, which are influenced by her, and here are her awe-inspiring cookies on her site. A must-see. {Prepare to be lost in the beauty… you’ll likely be there for a while!}

I was so happy to hear that the House & Home team enjoyed their cookies! You can check out Reiko Caron’s blog post about it here if you like.

Believe it or not I really had fun playing around with the icing and coming up with some linear patterns. So, coming soon, a post about piping lines.

Until then, happy baking and decorating to you!

Please feel free to leave me a comment below, drop me a line on my facebook page here, twitter, or you tube.

I’m happy to hear from you!




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