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Push-up Pops by Courtney Dial Whitmore {Interview & Giveaway!}

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It’s a brilliant idea, really.

Dessert molds which can hold anything from ice cream sundae creations to mini wedding cakes.  A little nudge, or push on the stick, and your said dessert is raised up, easy to eat, and fun at the same time.

A little too fun if you’re the only one in the house, it’s only 10 am, and you’ve already eaten two. 😉 (Courtney these are so delicious!)  Regular sweet drop-offs such as these push-up pops make me a popular neighbour.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

This chocolate chip cookie version, which pales in comparison to the gorgeousness coming below, and which I enjoyed making (and eating!), was originally created by the talented Courtney Dial Whitmore, author of Push-up Pops and founder of the popular party planning website Pizzazzerie.


I was so thrilled to have the chance to interview her here, and to be able to offer you one copy of her book! She’s as sweet & stylish as her pretty push-up pops, and I know you’ll love her and her book too!

Interview with Courtney Dial Whitmore, Author of Push-up Pops

Marian: How would you describe your book to someone who hasn’t seen it?

Courtney: Colorful + Fun for Baking and Party Lovers! Push-Up Pops contains over 30 recipes from pies to cakes and everything in between for these cute containers that are perfect for eating at parties! Each recipe includes a full color photo with a party tip. There are holiday themed ideas as well as traditional favorites (like chocolate chip cookie + margaritas). It has a little something for everyone!

Marian: Would you be able to pick your favourite push-up pop from your book?

Courtney: This is a tough one because these recipes are all delicious. My favorite tasting recipe is the Snickers Pie. My favorite looking recipe is the tuxedo because I love black/white stripes and served these up at my wedding! I also think the rainbow push-up pop is fun and can be themed for any color scheme or party!

Marian:  Where/How do you find your inspiration?

Courtney: It’s truly a matter of keeping your eyes wide open for sayings, colors, or patterns that flip the light bulb on! I always look for inspiration in everything from home décor to stationery designs. Pattern is really huge for me but also catchy phrases like “Eat, Drink & Be Married” or “Margaritas & Monograms”. There are also the classic holidays + events that I try to add unique twists to like unusual color schemes (who says Christmas can’t be pink?).

Marian: Did you always want to be a party planner?

Courtney: Not at all! I had no idea what I wanted to do – I thought I wanted to be a career counselor or go into marketing so I did both those things but didn’t feel fulfilled creatively. So, that’s where the blog came in – to give me an outlet for creative party and entertaining ideas. I did watch my Mom throw lavish parties growing up (she used to write for magazines), so I think I always had the “hostess” gene in me somewhere. It wasn’t until the blog started doing really well that I realized it could become an actual business. I’m thrilled and love working for myself!

Marian:  Where does the name Pizzazzerie come from?

Courtney: The word pizzazz means “an attractive combination of energy and style”, and I have always loved the French word pâtisserie so I combined them. That’s where I got Pizzazzerie! 🙂 It’s definitely not a site about pizza to some people’s dismay though we did just write an article on a fun gourmet pizza party!

Marian:  Are you able to share with us any information about your next book?

Courtney: Yes! My 2nd book is called Candy Making For Kids and is full of darling ideas that are truly easy for little ones (no candy thermometers needed here!). From candy toffee to seashell “pearls”, the recipes are super cute for parties or just a rainy day! It’s available for preorder now on Amazon + Barnes & Noble!

Marian: Courtney, thanks so much for being here; it was a pleasure to ‘meet’ you and I can’t wait to see your next book! Thank you as well for the opportunity for someone to win a copy of Push-up Pops!

If you’d like to find Courtney on line, you can find her here:

Website:  Pizzazzerie.com

Twitter handle: @Pizzazzerie

Facebook: Pizzazzerie

Push-Up Pops {Giveaway} CONTEST CLOSED

Win a signed copy of Courtney’s book, Push-up Pops!

This contest is international. The winner will be chosen randomly at random.org. The contest closes at 7pm EST on Sunday, July 15th, 2012.

More gobblydegook details about official giveaway rules can be found here.



It’s easy!

Three possible ways of winning:






CONGRATS to the winner, comment #360, Su Murillo!

Thanks for entering everyone!


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