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Christmas Cabaret

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Every year our secondary school hosts an evening event called the Christmas Cabaret, where dance, drama and music classes, as well as auditioned acts, perform in front of an audience of parents, teachers, students etc. My hospitality classes prepare food for the event.

This past Christmas we hosted a Christmas Dessert-themed Cabaret. The menu consisted of gingersnap cookie favours which were placed at each table setting, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes arranged on cupcake tier available for all, and the main dessert was frozen lemon souffle topped with a chocolate dipped strawberry and spun sugar garnish. On the plate; chocolate macadamia nut trees, fondant snowman and strawberry coulis sauce. The pictures are poor quality as it had to be limited light because we were right next to the service area. (And I need a new camera =)


For anyone allergic to nuts we had the green candy trees. Looked more colourful, but the chocolate macadamia nut tasted better. (In my humble opinion =)

Snowman version by you.

Here’s another version we tried besides the snowmen… polar bears. They were more difficult than the snowman for the students to make. We went with the snowmen!

Polar Bear Version by you.

A few students are plating the desserts here… It had to be limited light because we were right next to the service area. You can only see about one third of the plates here… We served just over 150 people in the audience plus all the volunteers backstage. I was nervous, but the kids did great! Everything went so smoothly and they were so professional in plating and serving the dessert. I was so proud of them!

Plating the dessert by you.

Here’s a picture of some of the snowmen all lined up before they were plated. My students made 180 fondant snowmen for the main dessert dish. I think this was their favourite part. =) Their little hats aren’t perfect, but the kids had fun.

Happy Snowmen by you.

If you’d like to make frozen lemon soufflé you can find a recipe and video here. A recipe for strawberry coulis can be found here.

Have fun making your desserts and happy holidays!



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  1. Mary-Clare Cavanagh
    November 16, 2009 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

    WOW! As a former functions waitress of a big hotel… this brings back memories! plating up!

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