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Sweetopia was created in February 2009 as a place for me to journal about my loves and share what I’ve learned about sugar crafting.  Although I still write my posts as a creative outlet, Sweetopia is currently being read by over 250 000 unique page visits per month too.  {I try not to think about that, especially since dipping my toes into video blogging!}.


Who is Sweetopia’s audience?

The people who read my blog are a creative bunch.  My mainly female audience wants to be educated in the latest and greatest in all kinds of sugar art, baking, party planning, crafts and all sorts of sweet and inspirational things!  If they write their own blog, they’re also eager to share their experiences with everyone in the Blogsophere.  So not only are most of my readers looking to learn about new products and proceedures, they’re also eager to spread the word about the items and ideas they come in contact with.

Sweetopia’s readers are cookie, cupcake, cake & gingerbread house makers, teachers, gift-givers, writers, creators, artists, bloggers, parents, teens, kids, homeowners, business owners, and people seeking inspiration.


Want all the details?

Sweetopia is pleased to offer advertising opportunities to blogs and businesses both large and small.  There are a few places you can advertise on the blog.

Traditional Advertising Options

The Sponsors section, located on the right hand sidebar of every page of the blog.  Ad placement is available in the right sidebar in two sizes: 300×250 (big box) or 130×130 (small square), as a .jpeg or .gif file.

Non-Traditional Advertising Options

Non-traditional options include Sponsoring Posts or a Giveaway, allowing advertisers to engage readers with relevant content and promote your brand by having Sweetopia explain how it works with a hands-on demo or a product giveaway.

A few more details

  • Giveaway posts are reserved for sidebar sponsors only.
  • Sponsorship can begin at any time of the month.
  • Payment must be recieved via PayPal before the start of the advertising period.  You don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment via credit card.
  • Large square banners are placed on the top right hand sidebar and smaller square banners below.
  • Images are subject to Sweetopia’s approval


If you’re interested in purchasing an ad spot on Sweetopia, please fill in the contact form below and specify which ad spot(s) you’re considering.   I’d be happy to help your business connect with customers who will love your product or service.

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