Interview with Louise Dueholm of Cake Journal

Posted on January 16th, 2011 in Interviews

She’s a leader in the cake blog world, a talented cake, cupcake & cookie decorator, a mom and soon-to-be cake decorating teacher.  If you haven’t already seen her site, let me introduce you to Louise Dueholm of

With fans all around the world looking forward to her next tutorials and creations, Louise keeps us charmed with every post she makes.  Her topics include everything from cupcake basics to gumpaste toppers, fondant and royal icing cookie decorating, cake basics and assembly to how to make a cake stand.


Interview with Louise Winther Dueholm of


Marian: Louise, I’m so excited to be interviewing you!  I love your site and the sugar masterpieces you create!

People associate you with cake decorating and baking, rightfully; but I actually think of you also as a style person.  Your ‘sugar work’ has this clean and chic style all your own.  I love the pale colors you use, and the sweet charm every piece you make seems to have.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Louise: Thank you Marian, I find my inspiration from a lot of different places. It can be anything from home decoration shops, fabrics, (cake) magazines to wedding and craft blogs.

Marian: How or why did you get started in blogging?


Louise: It was actually my brother who came up with the idea back in 2007 that I should start writing a cake blog. He thought of it as a great way for me to show and share my passion for cake decoration. “Blogging” was a whole new world to me and my only concern was that he suggested that I should write the blog in English and not Danish. It was a bit of a challenge for me at the start but now I don’t think so much about it anymore. The name “CakeJournal” was in fact his suggestion.

Marian: How would you describe your site to new readers?


Louise: CakeJournal, is a site/blog where you can see my cake decorations. You can also learn how to make different kind of cake decorations and non-edible cake crafts by following my tutorials. You can also read about my favourite cake tools that I like to use.


Marian: Any words of advice for cake decorators who are new to cake decorating?


Louise: Just throw yourself into the icing, keep practicing, don’t give up when things goes wrong. Cake decorating is so much fun!


Marian: What is your number one amazing spectacular tip? (Question submitted on Sweetopia facebook page by Courtney Callan).

Louise: That you can create a domed cupcake by changing the way you mix the cupcake batter.

Marian: What new cake decorating tools or equipment are you excited about lately?


Louise: I really love the new silicone mould “Tea time treats 1 + 2” with cakes and cupcakes from Squires Kitchen. I think that will be my next purchase.


Marian: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever had?  You make creating cake/cupcake decorations look sooooo easy!  (Question submitted on Sweetopia facebook page by Cat Beurnier).


Louise: Making my own weddingcake 8 years ago. That was before I gotten my hands into icing.

Marian: Besides your blog of course, what book(s)/other sources do you recommend for people who want to learn more about gumpaste/fondant decorations? (Question from Sweetopia facebook page reader Cat Beurnier).


Louise: The blogs; Extra Icing on the cake and The Cakerator, has some great online tutorials for amazing figure modeling, flowers and cakes.  Offline; Peggy Porschen, Zoe Clark, Eliza Strauss, Ron-Ben Israel and Wendy Kromer.

Marian: Would you be able to pick your favourite tutorial/cake/cupcake or cookie from Cake Journal?


Louise: I have a lot of favourites but if I have to pick one it would be the 3 tier “cake” that I made for the Scandinavian Cake Show in Sweden back in 2008.

Marian: Louise, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed for Sweetopia!  As a huge fan as well, it was an honor!

Exciting news to share as well – Besides being able to learn from’s lessons on cakes, cupcakes and cookies, Louise will soon be delving into the off-line world of cake decorating as well!   Information on classes will be posted to her site soon.

I’m thinking I need to add taking a class from her to my bucket list.  ;-)

Now, my question for you – Please let me know in the comment section or on my facebook page here, who you’d like to see featured here next.

Happy decorating!



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