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May 03


Spring Magic

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This post isn’t about anything sugar-related, but the discovery I made today was just so sweet to me, that I have to share it with you!

While hiking in the forests near my home, I came upon a fork in the path…

I’m so glad I went to the right, because that path took me to this glorious scene:

A blanket of white trilliums covering the entire hillside for as far as the eye could see!

Here’s a close-up of the trillium, the provincial flower of Ontario, Canada.

I’d love to hear about or see pics of flowers/gardens/nature near you (real or sugar!), if you’d like to share in the comment section below or in my facebook group here.

A quick side note as well; I’m working on my KopyKake tutorial which will be ready by the end of May.

Happy Spring to you!



p.s.  An update to this post – Thank you for sending me your flower pics!  Thought I’d share a few of the beautiful gardens from around the globe:

Sherry of Enchanted Cakes shared some pics of her home garden, which certainly looks enchanting to me!

Leonie from Australia shared a photo of her moon flower, which only comes out around full moon time at night and lasts one night!  She explained that she often misses them but they have a beautiful perfume and are a gorgeous flower with various petals.

Thanks to Angela for sending me the pic above from the LA Arboretum’s Garden Show!

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  1. May 3, 2010 at 7:28 pm | Permalink

    So pretty!!! Love that carpet of white! 🙂

  2. May 3, 2010 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

    What a beautiful find! I love our provincial flower and have never in my life seen so many in one place before. Thanks for posting your pictures 😉

  3. May 3, 2010 at 8:23 pm | Permalink

    i live in a desert, so there arnt may flowers around

  4. linda
    May 3, 2010 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    lovely, peaceful, tranquil….

    very excited about the kk tutorial!

    happy sunshine & beautiful awakenings.

  5. May 3, 2010 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    oh how lovely! Though I’ve lived most my life in Ontario, I have never seen a trilium in real life…let along in nature! that is SO beautiful!

    I wish I had a path like that nearby! Whereabouts is this?

    I live in Ottawa! 🙂

  6. May 3, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    Just magical!! Thank you for sharing such a lovely find… beautiful 🙂

  7. Sheila
    May 3, 2010 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

    Magical! I love spring. Thanks for sharing!

  8. May 4, 2010 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    So beautiful and peaceful!

  9. May 4, 2010 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    Those are beautiful. I wonder if we have some in Michigan…as I’m not too far from Ontario.

  10. Morthoniel
    May 4, 2010 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    When you see Trillium, it is time to collect wood garlic!! It taste more like a scallion… I replace onion and garlic with wood garlic, in all my meal.

    Do you got any in your region?

  11. Kara
    May 4, 2010 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    Beautiful! I’ve seen Trillium before in the forest, but never a huge blanket of them like that!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. May 8, 2010 at 9:32 am | Permalink

    Marian, What a beautiful scene. We have nothing like this beauty in Southern California. We’ve got the beach, but this spot looks magical!

  13. May 11, 2010 at 7:47 am | Permalink

    Those are fabulous- I love that there is a hillside for them to cover! We have rolling ground here in south central Texas- so check out our fields of bluebonnets in our post on http://www.barnchicks.us – Hope they will make you smile as yours did for me!

  14. May 22, 2010 at 5:31 am | Permalink

    Just magical!! Thank you for sharing such a lovely find… beautiful 🙂

  15. June 1, 2010 at 4:52 pm | Permalink

    I had a similar sensation some days ago, while I was biking near my house, in Cobeña (Madrid). We have such a lovely countryside so near! It’s amazing, almost magical. I’ll take a photo next time and try to send you.

    Your web is fantastic. I’d posted your recipe of royal icing in my blog (linking yours), I loved it!

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